Sunday, 1 November 2020

Breathing Part 2: Expert Resources

Ok so now you've had a chance to experiment a little with your own breathing, and observe how your breath changes with your physical and mental/emotional state.

Acknowledging that breathing is important and that there are many different ways to breathe is not a new thing.  Monks, yogi's, and martial artists have been using breathing techniques for centuries.  With a little research you can find a host of resources on the subject, however there are three modern experts on the subject that have been hugely influential on me.  I could try to summarize their incredible wealth of knowledge, but that would be a gross injustice.  They each have a slightly different take on breathing that compliment each other.  Check out the resources below.

1) Dr. Belisa Vranich  Dr. Vranich is a US clinical psychologist and world leading expert on breathing.  She will be the first to state that her area of expertise is the anatomical and mechanical breathe and is great at teaching you how to actually breathe better diaphragmatically.  I was fortunate to meet Belisa in 2017 when she visited The Pan Am Clinic and did a Breathing Class Workshop.  My experience was mind blowing, and it was then that I started going down the rabbit hole.  Belisa just released a new book Breathing for Warriors.
2) Brian MacKenzie Brian is the Founder & CEO of Power Speed Endurance and Sh//ft. He is also the President and Co-Founder of The Health and Human Performance Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching how breath and innate tools can optimize and help health and human performance. He is an Ironman, has run a few 100s, and has a brilliant understanding of how breathing affects your autonomic nervous system state. He is a big advocate for nasal breathing and using breathing techniques to down regulate your nervous system quickly.  He can get pretty technical in his explanations, but if you can take the time to understand what he is saying you come away connecting several in your own quest for all-round health.
3) Wim Hof. Who else?  If you are even slightly aware of anything to do with biohacking, you know about the Ice Man.  According to his website, this Dutchman is a father, extreme athlete, scientific pioneer, global health leader, and a man on a mission.  I think that sums him up pretty well.  Whereas Dr. Vranich focuses on the anatomical and mechanical and Brian MacKenzie helps you understand the biochemical and neurophysiological aspects of breathing, Wim Hof is all about the mind.  The mental, the emotional, the spiritual.  The Wim Hof method is based on 3 pillars - breathing, cold therapy, and commitment - to help you not only deal with stress, but to purposely seek it out in ways that make you stronger and more resilient.
Next post: Quick and Dirty Breathing Techniques, Apps, etc.

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