Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday Night Viewing: Finding Traction | Nikki Kimball

While listening to podcasts this week, I happened upon an episode of The Ginger Runner where Ethan featured physical therapist Nikki Kimball.   Nikki has been running and racing ultra marathons for 15 years and places in the top of her field repeatedly.  She was discussing her recent attempt at beating The Long Trail FKT.  Tonight after everyone was in bed, I sat down and watched the documentary of her experience on YouTube.

A few statements and quotes from the film stood out to me (may not be quoted verbatim):

"Running is a metaphor for life, in the sense that you get out of it what you put into it. You have to know not just your limitations, and even more so, your possibilities. Our life is governed by what we are capable of doing, and that determines what we become."

"Winning a race is not the point.  Inspiring someone to become more healthy.  That's that point."

BUT..."I would never recommend that my patients' do this.  This is not smart." LOL!

"Too many girls are taught to let fear limit their actions.  I want girls to explore their fears...and to crush them."

"I do not know where the cap on my potential lies.  So I just keep running.  And that is why I run."

Finding Traction

The Ginger Runner Podcast: Nikki Kimball

Whether you agree of disagree with the whole premise of pushing yourself to the max as Nikki did in her Long Trail run, I think you will find her film inspiring to watch.  Enjoy!

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