Sunday, 27 April 2014

Another Race, ELM's Half Marathon Clinic and Random Thoughts for the Week

Today I switched gears and raced as a downhill skier in the annual Royal LePage Snow to Surf Race.  I was part of a two team Equilibrium Lifestyle Management (ELM) contingent who took home gold and bronze in the Master's Women's category and 2nd and 4th women's teams overall.  We had a SUPER fun day.  My part involved climbing up a part of the ski hill in my ski boots with poles, clipping into my skis and then tucking straight down to the bottom where I handed off to a snowshoer, who handed off to a nordic skier, runner, runner, mountain biker, kayaker, road cyclist, and then 2 canoeists.  The team required 10 women in all, making 20 ELM women on the course all cheering, sweating, smiling and having a grand old time.  It was great to relax and enjoy the day as this is my absolute favorite race day of the year.  Winning a chocolate medal and a spot on the podium at the end of the day didn't hurt.

Last Sunday was supposed to be the start of our 4 week taper.  Because we were racing in the STS today, I needed to get the 30K planned for today in on Friday.  My husband is away for a few weeks and the only way I could make that happen was to do 30K over a 24 hour period Thurs-Friday.  So that meant 10K hill repeats (again on a LONG hill in town breathing horrid exhaust fumes) Thurs night while a girlfriend watched my kids, 10K the next morning on the treadmill while my son's babysitter was the iPad, and then another 13K Friday afternoon while he was in his 2 hour gymnastics class.  That meant that over a 6 day period this week I ran 86 km, 10 hours 27 min and 4 sec, completed 1982m of elevation and burned 5886 calories.  That didn't feel like much a taper to me.

I'm tired.  With my husband away, I've had to make friends with my treadmill again, and have paid more than I'd like in babysitting fees.  My house is a mess, we haven't been eating that well, and I haven't been getting enough sleep.  But I am getting my work done, took the kids to church and camping for 1 night, the laundry is done, and I'm committed to cooking more and restocking the freezer this week.  Something has to give when you are running 10 hours per week as a single working parent.  I've chosen to clean up the day before my DH gets home, and to buy takeout occasionally for supper.  So be it.
Liza Howard and baby

On that note, there a two GREAT URP podcasts that I want to mention right now.  Two moms that have inspired me.  This interview with pathologist Pam Smith was one of the first URP podcasts I listened to.  She is a physician mom who talks about making it work in the real world of motherhood.  I like her style, her attitude.  Another interview that really interested me was just posted this week with Liza Howard.  She’s 42, she just ran a course record 15:07 at Umstead 100, and she did it all while stopping to pump on the floor of an outhouse.  She also did a 40 mile training run on a treadmill.  Wow. The co-hosts sat down with her to talk about running through-and post-pregnancy, adapting to training with kids, wilderness survival, beer, coaching, and running camps.  If you’ve got questions about normal women running after pregnancy, this is not the podcast for you. However it was interesting to see what can be done.  There were a few new moms on my Snow to Surf Team who are kicking ass as they get back into shape and this one is for you ladies!

Finally, the registration deadline for ELM Off Road 1/2 Marathon Clinic is less than a week away.  I will be coaching this awesome clinic (with the help of Sarah Seads and special guest instructors) starting a week from today.  If you are a runner who wants to get off the road with a good group of people with no fear of getting lost, with great coaching, resources and support...then this clinic is for you!  First time endurance runners will build gradually up to their goal distance with a focus on safety and injury prevention. Experienced distance runners will work on fine tuning form, training techniques, building strength and increasing stamina to reach their goal race times.

This is not just a running group! This is a weekly coached training program designed to improve your running performance, skills and knowledge. Learn effective running techniques to increase performance and decrease risk of injury. Learn trail running safety skills. Learn how to train smart, fuel smart and race smart. Get ready to work hard, have fun and improve your endurance this summer in the Valley's beautiful trails!

 Program includes:
14 Weekly on-trail coached training sessions.
Weekly e-coaching.
Files of all maps/routes travelled
Detailed 50+ page ELM Running Clinic training manual (e-version)
Detailed 14 week training program for the Half Marathon goal of your choice.
Free Entry into the ELM River Run Half Marathon Trail Race Challenge in August!
Inspiration, challenge, fun and big smiles :)
A part of our 2013 Off Road Half Marathon Crew!
Time: Sundays 8:00am
Dates: May 4-August 3th
ELM River Run Half Marathon Challenge: August 10th
Deadline: May 1st
Location of classes : Various trail routes in the Comox Valley area.
Instructors: Kim Senechal, Registered Physiotherapist, Sarah Seads Practicing Kinesiologist, and special guest instructors.
Prerequisites:  No speed requirement!
Novice: Ability to run:walk 8kms following a 10:1 schedule.
Intermediate: Ability to run 14km.
Experienced: Ability to run 21km.

Ever wonder if you can run far?  Let me tell you, you CAN.

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