Monday, 21 April 2014

Controlling the mind - how I'm staying sane!

This week it all came together.  My last long run before the big race.  It was
supposed to be next week, but the Snow to Surf is next week and I will be rather preoccupied
racing this awesome relay with the super ELM crew as a downhill skier no less.

Wildwood Forest Powerline Trail
By this time in my training plan I've spent a LOT of time out on the road and trails.  I've been spending an average of 6-7.5hrs/wk running over the past month.  All but my long Sunday runs have been alone.  Sometimes I don't want to listen to music so my legs can find their own rhythm, and at those times I listen to Eric Schranz (and Scotty) do a stellar job at interviewing the top ultrarunners in the US on a weekly basis.  I discovered them on iTunes, and have their podcasts set to download automatically to my phone for listening while I run.  I enjoy listening to the women and older runners the most as they are the most down to earth (no offense to the elite guys) and offer some great tips that have really helped me.  I also appreciate how the podcasts move along efficiently without a lot of self promotion like some other podcasts I've come across.  URP really focuses on running and the runners...the people, their stories, and what we can all learn from them.  Check them out!

I also am loving the current Top 100 Hits on my Jango Radio app.  It's not often that I like listening to the top hits of the season, but I have a mix of new music made up to use from 40-50K when my mind and legs need a boost that includes:
  • Happy (Pharrell Williams)
  • Radioactive
  • The Walker (Fitz & the Tantrums)
  • Wake Me Up (Avicii)
  • Pompeii (Bastille)
  • Summer (Calvin Harris)
  • Love Me Again (John Newman)
  • Counting Stars (One Republic)
  • Blurred Lines (Alan Thicke)
  • Everything at Once (Lenka)
  • Anything by Linkin Park, Meteora
  • Several ACDC classics
    Broke in my new Mizuno's pretty fast Thurs night in a torrential downpour!
    On the long Sunday runs, Sarah Seads, my training buddy/friend/coach keeps me sane.  It's amazing how she manages to stay clear headed the whole time chatting about everything under the sun, reminding me to pace properly, asking me if I've eaten, asking me how I feel, reminding me to not allow negative thoughts to control me..I often forget to ask her how she feels!  A good friend and one who is an experienced ultrarunner, is such an asset during those long runs into unknown territory. I'd highly recommend teaming up with someone who's been there before you if you ever decide to do something crazy like running an ultra!
Summit 1: Queso Grande

And I can't believe that I haven't mentioned that Sarah has decided to come and race at Sun Mountain with me!  So in addition to having my two besties along for the road trip and crewing for me, Sarah will be there running as well.  I have no illusions that we will be running together as we will need to each run our own race, but it will be so great to share my first time doing 50K with the person who has seen me through it ALL...and another bestie besides.

Summit 2: Nekkei Mountain
This week's run down: We ran for elevation and time rather the mileage this week.  Our goal was 5:45 and replicating the 3 peaks of elevation in the race as closely as possible doing the "Cumby Triple Crown" that normally only mountain bikers do.  We managed to blow past our elevation goal and ended up doing 1500m gain of elevation in 5:40.  I took salt pills every hour, drank Hammer Endurolytes, ate a LOT during the run, and drank 2.25L total which wasn't quite enough but adequate.  I wore my new shoes for the 1st 2 hours and then changed to the old ones to lower the risk of switching to new shoes at high volume.  I have seen a lot of amazing terrain over this training period but today only saw one cat scratched tree with no cat around :)
Summit 3: Upper Thirsty Beaver (or somewhere around there) I was quite tired to say the least. This series of 3 shots shows our progressing state of fatigue but we are still smiling!)
Total Distance: 38K elevation gain 1500m
Time: 5:40
Fuel: 1 Oskri bar, 1 Lara bar, 1 SunRype fruit bar, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, 1 date, 1 Hammer Gel Blackberry Jet
Notes on Fuel: good on sugars and electrolytes this run!
Post run recovery: Epsom salt bath, compression socks, water, salty snacks, lots of walking and playing baseball with the kids!
Plans for next week: Clean up my diet during taper time, plan our road trip!

Gratitude: The human body's ability to adapt.  Amazing.

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